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Paint Spinner Pro
Price: £19.99
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Paint Spinner Pro is the quick and easy way to get your brushes and rollers not only clean, but perfectly dry too…in under 30 seconds! 
Attach the Paint Spinner Pro to any corded power drill, then attach your brush or roller. The gforce created removes paint from deep inside the bristles and fibres. Then simply rinse and spin again to dry. Not only is your brush or roller clean, it’s bone dry and ready to use again. 
Go from colour to colour, paint to paint effortlessly. No need for multiple brushes and rollers – no messy scrubbing in the sink, no more wasting gallons of water. Paint Spinner Pro is quickest and more effective way to clean in a fraction of the time. 
No matter the project, no matter the paint the Paint Spinner pro will get clean up done in next to no time.  No fuss. No mess, no stress.   
Adjustable to fit most standard brushes and rollers. Brushes ½” to 4” and Rollers 2” – 18” long and 1 ½” – 1 ⅓” 

The fast and effective way to clean brushes and rollers in less than 30 seconds

Paint Spinner Pro Features :
  • SAVE WATER – No more endless rinsing
  • SAVE TIME – Clean & Dry in less than 30 seconds
  • SAVE MONEY – No need for multiple brushes or rollers
  • Rollers and Brushes stay good and new – Reusable Again & Again
  • Works with Water Based & Oil Based Paints
  • Any finish, Gloss, Matt, Silk, Varnish, Stains

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