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Tristar Products UK Ltd

Tristar Products UK Ltd © 2014

Following a trial in the High Court, London, England between BLUE GENTIAN LLC and E. MISHAN INC. (trading as Emson) who were the Claimants and TRISTAR PRODUCTS (UK) LIMITED and TRISTAR PRODUCTS INC who were the Defendants, the Defendants were found to be liable for infringing UK Patent No. 2490276 entitled "Expandable Hose Assembly" by supplying expandable garden hoses which fell within claims 1 and 14 of the Patent which were sold under the brand name "FlexAble Hose". The validity of the Patent was unsuccessfully contested. The full judgment of The Honourable Mr Justice Birss may be read here An appeal by Tristar Products UK Limited and Tristar Products Inc. from the judgment of Mr Justice Birss was dismissed on 22 July 2015