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Solar Buzz Kill Twin Pack
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Have you ever felt like your home is under attack from flying insects, bugs and mosquitoes? Do unwanted visitors think your home make a great target? Chasing, annoying and biting?

Introducing Solar BuzzKill, the simple yet effective truly portable bug  zapping wonder.

The Solar BuzzKill builds its energy source by day using advanced PV technology. It takes the sun’s rays by day and turns them into solar energy powering your Solar Buzzkill without the need for plugs or batteries
And by night it’s ultraviolet light and live wire automatically comes to life, attracting and quickly dealing with mosquitoes, moths and other flying nuisances

So your family can enjoy your time together without unwanted visitors causing a nuisance.

Solar Buzz Kill Twin Pack Features :
  • No Need for Batteries
  • Truly Portable

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