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SEREN Toaster FAQ’s

Q. Why isn’t my SEREN Toaster working?

A. 1. Make sure that the setting dial is not in the ‘Off’ position. 2. Make sure that the sliding tray is fully inserted. The sliding tray has a built in safety mechanism, so the unit will not turn on if it is not fully inserted. 3. Check that the unit is plugged in and switched on at the wall.

Q. Which setting should I use for toasting bread?

A. It depends on the type of bread used and your toasting preferences. Some examples are as follows:

Medium Thickness Sliced White Bread – Setting 5 or 6

Small Pre Sliced Bread – Setting 4

Bakery loaf, thick slice – Setting 4, 5 or 6

All Butter Croissant – Setting 1

Q. Why isn’t my bread toasting all the way to the end?

A. Make sure that you haven’t overloaded the unit. The SEREN is great for toasting breads of all different shapes and sizes, but it has limits. If some of the bread is not toasted, try toasting one slice at a time.

Q. How do I cook Fish Fingers from Frozen?

A. The SEREN Toaster can cook foods from frozen but you will need to push the power button at the end of each cycle to continue cooking. First check the cooking instructions on the food packaging E.g. Frozen Fish fingers will be around is 12-15 minutes.

Set the SEREN to setting 6 and push the defrost (Snowflake) button. When the unit beeps, press the Defrost button again. Repeat this approximately 4 times or until the Fish Fingers appear cooked.

As with all foods, make sure it is cooked all the way through before eating.

Q. How do I clean the sliding toaster tray & magnetic front panel?

A. Tap any loose crumbs into the bin. To clean the trays more thoroughly use a damp cloth to wipe clean. 

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