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QTech Frying Pan - £9.99
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QTech Cookware is the multipurpose non-stick cookware designed for all your cooking needs. Every QTech pan can be used as cookware, oven ware and bake ware. It comes with an ergonomically-designed, quick-release handle. Take the handle off and transform it into high heat-resistant ovenware and also a high-performance, non-stick bake ware.
Boil, Steam, Fry, Grill, bake and cook on the hob or in the oven – your answer to healthy , fat free, high performance non-stick cooking in an all in one versatile cooking essential is here!  Make soaking, scraping, rubbing and scrubbing your cookware a thing of the past and welcome home your very own tough, durable high performance ‘non-stick, won’t stick!’ range with QTech Cookware
QTech features a high-performance Quantanium non-stick coating for cooking with no fats or oils. Use on any conventional, electric or gas oven, indoors or outdoors. The aluminium base is coated with multiple layers of Quantanium, a unique non-stick multi-coat that incorporates Mother Nature’s ceramics and Titanium’ to resist scratching, abrasion and increase durability. A topcoat is added to reinforce and toughen the coating for maximum non-stick performance. It has a built-in straining feature & is ideal for steaming. It’s refrigerator and freezer-safe so it can be used for storing leftovers. It has a ferromagnetic plate base that conducts heat evenly to ensure no hot spots resulting to perfectly cooked food. Clean up is easy; just rinse with soap and water, wipe clean and it looks good as new.
Suitable for Gas, Electric, Halogen, Agars, Rayburn, Ceramic and Induction.

The family size 28cm Healthy Eating Pan, perfect for Pancake Day! Frying steaks, fish, eggs, omelette’s and much more, no need for fats or oils.

QTech Frying Pan - £9.99 Features :
  • Ergonomically designed detachable handle
  • QTech Cookware designed for Hob and Oven use.  Up to 260c / 500f
  • High Performance Quantanium Technology Non-Stick coating
  • No need for fats or oils

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